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          Musk C-14

          ID 4
          Product Name Musk C-14
          CAS 54982-83-1
          EINECS 259-423-6
          Chemical Name and Synonyms 1,4-Dioxacycloheptadecane-5,16-dione; Ethylene dodecandioate; 2,5-dioxacyclohexadecane-1,6-dione; Muskonate
          Molecular Formula C14H24O4
          Structural Formula
          Recommended Applications Can be used in the creation of any perfume. Effective in floral and light accords, gives richness and body to fragrances. Blends well with animalic and warm woody notes.
          Packing Net weight: 200 KG in a resin-lined iron drum
          Storage Stored in a cool, ventilate and dry place, protected from light.

          Odor: Natural mild musk
          Appearance: Colorless, light yellow transparent viscous liquid
          Purity(GLC): ≥95%
          Density 20/20°C: 1.059~1.063
          Refraction 20°C: 1.469~1.473
          Freezing point: 19°C
          Boiling point: 154~156°C
          Acid value: <1.0

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